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  • Han KA, Kim YJ, Yoon TH, Kim H, Bae S, Um JW, Choi SY and Ko J (2020) LAR-RPTPs Directly Interact with Neurexins to Coordinate Bidirectional Assembly of Molecular Machineries. J. Neurosci. 40(44), 8438-8462 

  • Um JW*, Han KA, Choi SY and Ko J* (2020) Protocol for Quantitative Analysis of Synaptic Vesicle Clustering in Axons of Cultured Neurons. STAR Protoc. 1(2), 100095 *Corresponding authors

  • Park D, Kim S, Kim H, Shin J, Jung H, and Um JW (2020) Seizure progression triggered by IQSEC3 loss is mitigated by reducing activated microglia in mice. Glia 68(21), 2661-2673.

  • Han KA, Lee HY, Lim D, Shin J, Yoon TH, Liu X, Um JW, Choi SY and Ko J (2020). Protein tyrosine phosphatase delta is not essential for synapse maintenance or synaptic transmission at hippocampal synapses. Mol Brain 13(1), 94.

  • Han KA, Lee HY, Lim D, Shin J, Yoon TH, Lee C, Rhee JS, Liu X, Um JW, Choi SY and Ko J (2020). PTPσ Controls Presynaptic Organization of Neurotransmitter Release Machinery at Excitatory Synapses. iScience 23(6), 101203.

  • Kim H, Kim D, Kim J, Lee HY, Park D, Kang H, Matsuda K, Sterky FH, Yuzaki M, Kim JY, Choi SY, Ko J* and Um JW* (2020). Calsyntenin-3 interacts with both alpha- and beta-neurexins in the regulation of excitatory synaptic innervation in specific Schaffer collateral pathways. J Biol. Chem. 295(27), 9244-9262.

  • Kim S, Kim H, Park D, Kim J, Hong J, Kim J, Jung H, Kim D, Cheong E, Ko J* and Um JW*. (2020) Loss of IQSEC3 Disrupts GABAergic Synapse Maintenance and Decreases Somatostatin Expression in the Hippocampus. Cell Rep. 30(6), 1995-2005. (* Corresponding author) 

  • Kim H, Jung H, Jung H, Kwon SK, Ko J and Um JW. (2020) The Small GTPase ARF6 Regulates GABAergic Synapse Development. Mol. Brain 13(1), 2

  • Han KA, Kim J, Kim H, Kim D, Lim D, Ko J and Um JW. (2019) Slitrk2 controls excitatory synapse development via PDZ-mediated protein interactions. Sci. Rep. 9(1), 17094

  • Gunther EC, Smith LM, Kostylev MA, Cox TO, Kaufman AC, Lee S, Folta-Stogniew E, Maynard GD, Um JW, Stagi M, Heiss JK, Stoner A, Noble GP, Takahashi H, Haas LT, Schneekloth JS, Merkel J, Teran C, Naderi ZK, Supattapone S, Strittmatter SM. (2019) Rescue of Transgenic Alzheimer’s Pathophysiology by Polymeric Cellular Prion Protein Antagonists. Cell Rep. 26(5), 1368

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