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  • Han KA, Um JW and Ko J. (2019) Intracellular Protein Complexes Involved in Synapse Assembly in Presynaptic Neurons. Adv. Protein Chem. Struct. Biol. 116, 347-373 (an invited book chapter) 

  • Han KA, Ko JS, Pramanik G, Kim JY, Tabuchi K, Um JW and Ko J. (2018) PTPσ drives excitatory presynaptic assembly via various extracellular and intracellular mechanisms. J. Neurosci. 38(30), 6700-6721.

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  • Um JW*, and Ko J*. (2017) Neural Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored Proteins in Synaptic Specification. Trends Cell. Biol. 27, 931-945. (an invited review)  (* Corresponding author) 한빛사논문

  • Kim JA, Kim D, Won SY, Han KA, Park D, Cho E, Yun N, An HJ, Um JW, Kim E, Lee JO, Ko J, and Kim HM. (2017) Structural Insights into Modulation of Neurexin-Neuroligin Trans-synaptic Adhesion by MDGA1/Neuroligin-2 Complex. Neuron 94(6), 1121-1131. 한빛사논문

  • Han KA, Lang Y, Sung JY, Chung SA, Um JW, Kim H, Seol W, and Chung KC. (2017) Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) stimulates IL-1β-mediated inflammatory signaling through phosphorylation of RCAN1. Front. Cell. Neurosci.  11:125. doi: 10.3389/fncel. 

  • Um JW. (2017) Synaptic functions of the IQSEC family of ADP-ribosylation factor guanine nucleotide exchange factors. Neuroscience Research 116, 54-59


  • Kang H, Han KA, Won SY, Kim HM, Lee YH, Ko J and Um JW. (2016) Slitrk missense mutations associated with neuropsychiatric disorders distinctively impair Slitrk trafficking and synapse formation. Front. Mol. Neurosci. 9, 104. doi:10.3389/fnmol.2016.00104

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